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Cards Against Humanity has become notable for its high-profile political stunts over the last few years, perpetrating everything from mailing its fans a literal piece of shit, all the way up to attempting to legally sabotage Donald Trump’s planned border wall by buying up bits of property along its proposed building path. Now, the company has launched one of its most ambitious projects yet: a bit of amateur wealth redistribution, aimed directly at its most fervent fans.

Last month, the company launched a mysterious product called Cards Against Humanity Saves America. Buy-in for the project was $15, which earned users a chance to take a survey full of all sorts of random questions, and not much else. Until today, that is, when the game company announced that, of the 150,000 people who responded, most would receive nothing for their investment, some would get their money back, and the smallest percentage—the 100 poorest people, as determined by survey results—would be receiving checks for $1,000 each.


It’s a pretty interesting little meditation on stuff like the nature of the 1 percent, and how, in the designers’ own words, it’s not entirely feasible for the rest of us to just rise up, eat them, and live in their fancy houses. To read more about the philosophy behind the project—including testimonials from the people who got the money, and how the company used survey questions to identify people in need—you can go right here.

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