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Casa De Mi Padre

While the American soap opera appears to be on the wane, the telenovela has never been stronger—so strong, in fact, that even our American comedy stars want in on the action. Casa De Mi Padre is Will Ferrell’s long-rumored, Spanish-language tribute to their outlandish, melodramatic twists and turns, featuring plenty of (as the trailer points out) guns, cigarettes, and slaps to the face as Ferrell’s rancher falls in love with Diego Luna’s fiancée and runs afoul of a drug dealer played by Gael Garcia Bernal. The film was directed by Ferrell’s longtime Funny Or Die collaborator Matt Piedmont, and yet it has far more lavish cinematography than his viral résumé would suggest. Whether they’ll recoup on their gamble of having Ferrell speak only in Spanish and act like a grizzled vaquero for a 90-minute feature—as opposed to a five-minute web video—remains to be seen, but as always, you have to admire Ferrell’s utter commitment to a gag. And hey, it’s Parks And Recreation’s Nick Offerman as a federal agent! That guy should be in more movies.


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