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Jeremy Piven denies groping allegations "unequivocally" as CBS and HBO evaluate claims against him

(Photo: Getty Images, Frazer Harrison)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS is investigating some sexual harassment complaints that Ariane Bellamar has made against Jeremy Piven in which she accuses him for groping her on the set of Entourage (Piven is currently starring in CBS’ Wisdom Of The Crowd). In a statement, the network simply said that it’s “aware of the media reports” and that it’s “looking into the matter.” Bellamar laid out her allegations on Twitter, claiming that Piven “cornered” her in his trailer and groped her.


The Hollywood Reporter notes that Bellamar—who is primarily a reality show personality—doesn’t have any credited appearances on Entourage, so it’s hard to gauge when the alleged harassment took place, but she later claimed on Twitter that Sprint is “willing to help” find some “explicit” texts that Piven also sent her.

UPDATE: Piven has now denied the accusations entirely, calling them “appalling,” and expressing his hope that “the allegations about me that didn’t happen, do not detract from stories that should be heard.” Meanwhile, HBO is also reportedly evaluating its professional relationship with Piven in light of Bellamar’s accusations.


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