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CBS to capture some famous people for Big Brother: Celebrity Edition

(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Abruptly reminding us that Big Brother is still a thing that continues to happen on TV, whether we’d like it to or not, CBS announced today that it was extending the long-running reality show franchise with a new spin-off series. Per Variety, the new show—which will break out of the show’s usual summer “Christ, it’s so hot I’ll watch anything” time slot and into the winter 2017 season—will be centered on America’s favorite kind of human zoo exhibit: celebrities.

As with most things Big Brother-related, the show’s celebrity edition is already old hat in the U.K., where D-list famouses have been exposing themselves to the show’s inescapable panopticon for years in order to briefly resuscitate their careers (and hopefully avoid saying anything too obviously racist). CBS has yet to announce any of the contestants on its own version’s initial outing, although it did confirm that Julie Chen—who’s now presided over the American series for a disheartening 17 years— will be back to host. (Meanwhile, we’re kind of hoping this is all a ruse to lure Chen into the house herself so that she can be forced to being the season’s sole contestant, because that would be some prime-grade Black Mirror shit.)


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