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Celebrate some of the film world's most beloved inanimate objects

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Some objects are better than others. For instance, a loaf of bread is much more appetizing than a snake’s discarded skin, a guitar is way more interesting than a crumpled ball of greasy aluminum foil, and a fidget spinner, fellow kids, is far more worthwhile than the 10 dollar bill you traded to get it.

In the spirit of determining which objects are best, CineFix has compiled a list of the top 10 movie props of all time. Starting with film, though still ambitious, is a good idea. The world is filled with objects to sort, after all, and it’s best not to get overwhelmed at the beginning of this leviathan undertaking.

The video, rather than argue over the relative merits of, say, Yoda’s lifeless puppet body and the piles of cocaine that power so many Scorsese movies, is intelligently broken down into 10 larger categories.


The lightsaber takes top honor as “best movie weapon,” Pulp Fiction’s briefcase as “best MacGuffin,” Kikuchiyo from Seven Samurai’s enormous sword as the “best character-defining prop,” and Castaway’s Wilson volleyball as the best version of a movie prop as character.

If there’s one noticeable slip-up, it’s an early reference to Vito Corleone’s cat as something that can be included in this introductory effort to categorize the world. A cat is not an object, CineFix, it is a creature of free will. There are many actual objects to deal with; let’s not bring delightful animals into our work.


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