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Chance The Rapper brought a few sketch ideas to his SNL hosting gig

Tiffany Haddish set a new standard for Saturday Night Live guest hosts last week, kicking off with a hilarious and fiery monologue, then buoying the show when it was threatened by leaden premises. It’s a tough act to follow, but Chance The Rapper is going to take his best shot tomorrow. In addition to expressing the desire to hang out with Drake more, the Coloring Book artist told Jimmy Fallon last night that he brought several of his own ideas to the SNL writers’ room.

“I wrote three sketches that will make it into the show… well, they’ll make it to dress rehearsal, so they could get pulled, Lorne [Michaels] could pull them last minute. But hopefully, as of right now, I got three sketches in the show,” Chance says, humbly as ever. A huge fan of the long-running show, he felt kind of obligated to bring “a few ideas at least,” because other hosts probably have, “especially if they’re into comedy.” He’s a three-time musical guest, so he does at least have some experience with being in the same building as the SNL cast. Chance also says Donald Glover helped him write one of the sketches, which will probably prove to be at least as useful as walking through 30 Rock before.

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