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Charisma Carpenter joins Scream Queens, which debuts September 22

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Charisma Carpenter, whose years playing Cordelia Chase on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel have left her no stranger to the art of running, screaming, and quipping while clad in the height of fashion, has been announced as a cast member on Ryan Murphy’s upcoming comedy-horror anthology Scream Queens. Carpenter will play the mother of Ariane Grande’s character, a henchperson of Emma Roberts’ vicious sorority queen bee, Chanel. (In a gag that might be a good barometer for your general reactions to Scream Queens’ approach to the “comedy” part of its descriptive hyphenate, Grande’s character is known only as “Chanel No. 2,” serving alongside Chanels No. 3, 4, and, of course, Chanel No. 5.)

And even though it’s been long-established that loose lips sink ships, with the family members of the drowned victims inevitably returning years later to extract vengeance on the anniversary of their deaths, Roberts also revealed the show’s premiere date today, dropping a promotional image on her Instagram account announcing that Scream Queens will begin airing on Fox on September 22. Roberts has yet to release a similar image announcing the day the show is expected to hit its buzz-heavy peak (although late October seems like a pretty healthy bet), or the even later date when everyone who once loved it turns their backs on it, as is the fate of all of Ryan Murphy’s shows.