Who needs booby-trapped temples and hidden tombs when you’ve got old home video VHS tapes? That’s where the real treasure is hidden. One YouTuber recently stumbled across some apparently never-before-seen footage from the making of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and it’s a discovery as exciting as Harrison Ford’s Indy first laying his hands on that shiny golden idol.

The 44-minute video, first spotted by ScreenCrush, shows the behind-the-scenes of Indy’s memorable escape from the Peruvian temple on his buddy Jock’s biplane. YouTuber Joe Hughes, who found the footage in his grandfather’s VHS collection, describes in the video description that his grandfather’s neighbor was a pilot who rented a plane to the film’s crew in Hawaii. Even better, said neighbor and his family got to hang out with the crew during production and capture a bunch of cool BTS footage.


While the video has no audio—Hughes says he plans to upload a commentary track from his grandpa with more details—it’s still a pretty awesome find, full of shots of Ford balancing on the plane’s floats, a young George Lucas chatting with the crew, and a bunch of kids having the summer vacay of their life riding on the top of boats.

Check out the original “Jock! Start the Engine!” scene if your memory is a little fuzzy: