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Gina Linetti will receive an appropriately heartfelt and wackadoo send-off from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On a visit to the set of the cop comedy—which moves to NBC for its sixth season beginning Thursday, January 10—Chelsea Peretti told The A.V. Club that Gina leaves the 99th precinct in order to “spread her wings,” but before that “she’ll be given so much to do in comedy, and have a deeper emotional story, so I think it will give everyone a little mix of what they need to let her go.”

Saying the send-off was “kind of like the acting version of a birthday party,” Peretti says Nine-Nine showrunner Dan Goor asked her what she’d always wanted to do as Gina, “and then he did one-tenth of those things.” That 10 percent will manifest itself as hijinks with Andy Samberg’s Detective Jake Peralta, an episode involving some Gina/Rosa/Amy hangs, and a “dance that goes off the rails.” Peretti says Gina’s departure isn’t sparked by a desire to focus on her craft: “She’s not pursuing dance full time, but I’m sure she’ll always be a dancer.”


Other revelations from the set include a confirmation that Captain Holt’s “is he NYPD commissioner or not?” storyline will quickly resolve itself—though Andre Braugher says he didn’t know Holt’s fate until he saw the first script of the new season. (In a very Holt-esque dodge, Braugher said he’s “not at all dissatisfied” with his character’s storyline in the new season.) Goor and Samberg teased the return of both Pontiac Bandit Doug Judy and Marc Evan Jackson’s Kevin Cozner. The Nine-Nine will also be visited by the Disco Strangler, a criminal legendarily captured by Holt in 1981, as seen in the show’s pilot.

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