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Choose your own Night Of The Living Dead adventure

Due to a clerical error, George Romero’s 1968 zombie classic Night Of The Living Dead never received a copyright, and has consequently been a public-domain property ever since. That’s bad for Romero, obviously, but good for the dozens of distributers who’ve released DVD and VHS copies. It’s also good for the Internet: The entire movie is available to download/watch for free on several sites, including YouTube. Now, someone has taken that freedom one step further with “Editing The Dead,” which re-cuts Night Of The Living Dead into a choose-your-own-adventure-style YouTube series. Using in-video links, you can jump from clip to clip, re-sequencing the film into dozens of permutations, plotting for maximum zombie carnage (or none, if you’re the survivalist type).

Be sure to check out the individual video descriptions as you click through; they include witty zombie “factoids” such as “In their natural environment zombies are considered an apex predator, with only one natural enemy: the good ol’ boy” and “When zombies discover helmets we will all be doomed.”


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