(Photo: Getty Images, Carlos Alvarez)

Christian Slater is set to play fiery salesman Ricky Roma in a production of Glengarry Glen Ross in London, but an interview Slater gave to The Daily Beast about the show briefly took a fiery turn of its own when the interviewer, Nico Hines, referenced Slater’s troubled history. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail for drunk driving and assault in the ‘80s, and in 1997 he spent 100 days in a rehab facility and then three months in jail after assaulting his girlfriend and a police officer.

Hines initially asked Slater if he had any regrets about his “wilder years,” given the play’s commentary on power and toxic masculinity, which prompted Slater to say, “I regret nothing.” He recognizes that “nobody gets through unscathed” when they grow up in show business, so everyone got to see his “highs and lows and ups and downs.” He also said that he’s happy that “women’s voices are being taken seriously and this age of secrecy and abuse of power era has come to an end.”


Hoping for some more introspection from Slater about how his own past relates to what’s happening in the entertainment industry now, Hines asked Slater if he really had no regrets about going to jail for beating his girlfriend. In a “flash of anger,” Slater said, “what a salacious cunt this guy is” and a representative stepped in to take Slater to his next appointment. Slater later apologized, adding, “the question of regret is hard for me to reckon with,” but he didn’t expand on it at all.