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It’s nowhere near as long, detailed, or accompanied by a Zombies song as the first preview for Ridley Scott’s kidnapping drama, but the new All The Money In The World trailer now has Christopher Plummer in the role of J. Paul Getty.

Plummer replaced Kevin Spacey earlier this month, after sexual harassment and assault allegations were made by multiple actors against the now-ousted House Of Cards star. And here he is, showing the same icy disdain for his grandson, J. Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer, no relation to Christopher), that we saw in the first trailer. Spacey’s original role was limited; he’d only spent about a week in production. The plot mostly centers on Michelle Williams as Gail Harris trying to get her son back, despite lacking the $17 million for the ransom.


All The Money In The World is still slated for release on December 22.

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