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Chucky's possessing your compatible electronic devices in new Child’s Play trailer

Chucky the killer doll is one of the enduring figures in modern horror, which is pretty impressive since he’s a little thing that you could just, like, kick or whatever. Franchise creator Don Mancini has nevertheless conjured seven Child’s Play movies from the myth—some much better than others—and is currently at work on an accompanying series to air on SyFy. Those, however, have nothing to do with MGM’s reboot of the series, which, per the film’s previous teaser and new posters, isn’t veering too far from the aesthetic of the knife-happy doll.


It is, however, weaving in themes of technology and artificial intelligence, which is not only timely, but could very well scuttle the need for the voodoo possession that kicked off the Child’s Play franchise in the first place—the robots, after all, are definitely going to kill us. Those ideas are front and center in the new trailer for Lars Klevberg’s reinterpretation, which hits a lot of the same story beats but adds in some twists. Chucky’s digital interconnectedness, for example, means he can control other smart things, from drones to cars, which gives him a little more to work with than just that kitchen knife (though he certainly still wields it). Also, it looks as if the film will give young Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a posse of pals to help take on the doll; there’s some shades of It there, which makes sense considering it comes from the producers of the 2017 hit.

There’s other reasons to be optimistic about the reboot, too, be it lead turns from Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry or what’s sure to be a chewy vocal performance from Mark Hamill, whose lone line in this trailer closes out the proceedings. Sure, it’s a bummer to not hear the signature rasp of franchise stalwart Brad Dourif, but, rest assured, he’ll still be threatening children on Mancini’s series.

Child’s Play connects to all your electronic devices on June 21.