Class of ‘09 Official Trailer | Brian Tyree Henry, Kate Mara | FX

Mara is the other half. Amy, who goes by Poet, is a former nurse turned FBI agent who prioritizes everyone besides herself. Except Class Of ’09 doesn’t dig into Poet’s background in the first half, or care to explain she overthinks each choice like it’s a burden. Watching her in each timeline is disassociating as she feels isolated from the career she passionately pursued because of how much technology has transformed it. Like her co-star, Mara also imbues her role with poignancy.


Unfortunately, Poet and Tayo land on opposite sides of the AI battle, so their interactions are limited. And everything else surrounding them dulls in comparison. It’s partly because the script and cinematography feel half-baked, leaving the remaining cast with less fleshed-out material to work with. And it’s also because, ultimately, Class Of ’09 crumbles under its weighty issues. Narratives about the FBI or AI aren’t new, but this one doesn’t reinvent the wheel or offer a unique testament. Much like its central topics, Class Of ’09 simply exists—like it or not.

Class Of ’09 premieres May 10 on Hulu