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C'mon, let's watch some scummy pools get cleaned

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The “oddly satisfying” video compilation has become a genre unto itself, although, per the name, it’s often hard to pinpoint the psychology behind it. Who knows why humans are drawn to—and often comforted by—footage of frozen paint being cut or various objects being crushed by a hydraulic press?


But in the case of thep00lguy, the connection between his videos and the narcotic tingling sensation in our brains is immediately clear. You see, thepoolguy (real name Miles) is a self-described swimming pool engineer who specializes in restoring sullied aquatic paradises to their former glory, removing debris, adding chlorine, and—in some cases—skimming away foul layers of congealed, honeycombed scum. And if he can transform these filth-ridden cesspools back into regular-ass pools, well, maybe there’s hope for eradicating the bigger problems of the world. There’s catharsis in watching someone clean up babyshit-colored messes with such ease and grace.

According to his website, Miles started posting procedural videos of his work on TikTok last year, and his popularity grew from there. You can now even buy merch emblazoned with his catchphrase that ends every job well done: “Holla ya boy for the pool work” (it sounds great with an English accent).

But before repping any great artist, one must start with the art itself, which you can do via a YouTube compilation of some of his most disgusting clients. Highlights include Miles saving several newts and frogs from choking on poisoned water, his hypnotic sweeping of algae, and his dropping of several giant chlorine tablets into a floating dispenser—their satisfying clinks making it all look like an oversized game of Tiddlywinks.

Watch the 11-minute compilation below, and check out more videos on p00lguy’s YouTube channel.

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