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Colbert's talking to Billy Bush next week for some damn reason

(Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images)

Stephen Colbert is set to play host to a disgraced Today host next week—but not the one you’re thinking of. No, rather than sitting down with current NBC HR emergency Matt Lauer, Colbert will be talking to Billy Bush, who was abruptly fired from the morning news show last year after a tape of him giggling along to Donald Trump’s assault-themed sexual ramblings came to light. (Trump, meanwhile, became president, in case you’d somehow managed to briefly, blissfully forget)

Possibly assuming—probably correctly—that the average viewer’s attention span only has the energy to hate on one well-groomed news creep at a time, Bush is headed to Colbert’s Late Show next Monday night, presumably to make some sort of public mea culpa. And then…What? It’s not clear what Bush and Colbert will have to talk about afterward, given that the only things most people want to hear from Billy Bush right now are “I’m sorry,” and “Now I’m going away forever.” The Bush family has Texas roots; maybe he’s got a good chili recipe or something that he could share, before he returns to his busy schedule of not making us think about Billy Fucking Bush right now? We honestly have no idea.


[via Deadline]

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