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Come quick, everyone: Bongino and Geraldo are beefin' on the playground!

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Hey... do you hear that? Shhh. What’s that commotion out there? It sounds kinda like a bloated rat terrier and a geriatric cat are really going at each other...


Damn, that sounds pretty intense, and it’s getting louder. Hold on, we’ll go out there and see what’s up... Holy shit! Everybody stop what you’re doing and come outside—Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera are totally beefin’ on the Fox News playground right now!

Ha ha ha! Look at those asshats go! Did Geraldo really just counter Bongino’s accusation of being an “out-of-control lunatic” with “I’m a ten-time Emmy winner?” This is so embarrassing for everyone involved, right? Like, there’s no way they could be proud of something like this?

“Again... you see what happens. He goes to the emotional argument right away,” Bongino says proudly of his spat with Rivera. “Folks, I don’t mind,” he then adds of the Geraldo’s name-calling, before going into detail about just how much he doesn’t care about said name-calling. “Geraldo lives in an alternate universe,” Bongino later says from his literal echo chamber basement podcast studio before referring to a 2014 TMZ clip of Joan Rivers’ pro-Israel comments for his own geopolitical backing.

What a time to be alive.

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