Conan O'Brien to executive produce an animated Obama/Biden time-traveling buddy comedy

Here’s one for anybody still clinging to the Barack Obama-Joe Biden friendship as the last fading light of hope in a dark and Trump-filled world: Conan O’Brien has just signed on to executive produce a new animated TV series about the two formerly presidential buddies, in which they not only pal around, making goofy dad jokes, but also travel through time to fight crime.

That meme-slathered, Adult Swim-ready premise comes courtesy of director Adam Reid, who successfully Kickstarted a Barry & Joe pilot back in August. That helped him attract the attention of Titmouse, Inc., the animation studio behind shows like Big Mouth and Son Of Zorn; now, O’Brien’s production company Conanco, which also helps make People Of Earth, has signed onto the production as well.

The show’s description is going to read as word-salad no matter how we phrase it, so we might as well quote a Vice write-up included in the press release today: “It’s basically Jonny Quest meets Quantum Leap if Jonny and Hadji were actually former Democratic leaders and the entire Hanna-Barbera writing staff was on mescaline during development.” It all sounds pretty silly, but honestly, when it comes to presidential content that doesn’t make us want to shove our head in the oven, at this point we’ll take what we can get.

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