Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Monday afternoon, Kanye and Kim Kardashian West announced the birth of their third child via a surrogate, which we noted here at The A.V. Club with a nod and a quick, “good for them,” before going back to our daily routine of writing about sexual misconduct allegations and fragile men whining about Star Wars. However, today Kardashian West provided an update on the newborn that made us sit up and take notice: Their new daughter’s first name, which just so happens to coincide with the name of the city where her father was raised and also where we are typing this Newswire right now.


As TMZ notes, Chicago’s older siblings have already started referring to their younger sister “by the nickname Chi (pronounced Shy).” Welcome to the world, Chicago West, and may you represent the fine traditions of clout, cold weather, eclectic hip-hop, and beef sandwiches dunked in their own juices with pride. If nothing else, once you come of age, you won’t have to worry about HuffPost bloggers hitting on you outside of bars.