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Court orders Tinder to stop discriminating against its decrepit, ancient 31-year-old users

(Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

A California court has ruled against dating app Tinder for what it’s determined to be discriminatory pricing practices based on age, ordering the company to charge the same amount for users of its Tinder Plus premium service, regardless of whether they were a fresh-faced, engaging 29, or a decrepit, empty-gummed 31.

This is per NPR, which reports that, previous to today’s ruling, the swipe-focused dating app charged separate amounts for the service—which allows unlimited matches, rather than the x-per-day offerings that come with its free version—based on how old the user was. (With 30 being the cutoff point between “sexual dynamo” and “ambulatory pile of dust.”) The company defended its actions by citing market research, stating that the decision came from identifying that younger users would balk at the higher price point, and not a concerted effort to keep a bunch of shambling human mummies in their early 30s out of its dating pool.


Regardless, a California appeals court struck down the practice, sassily writing that “we swipe left, and reverse,” which, we have to imagine, has got to be the best part of being a judge, by far.

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