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Crying Nazi goes into hiding, as all Nazis should

(Photo: Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla)

After appearing in a Vice News documentary in which he showed off his guns and acted like a big tough guy, Nazi radio host Christopher Cantwell appeared in a much more entertaining YouTube clip that consisted of him crying about how anti-fascists were being too mean to him and the police had a warrant out for his arrest. It was all very satisfying to see such a proud asshole forced to recognize the cost of being so hateful, but in the week or so since then, things have only gotten worse for Cantwell.

As reported by Uproxx, Cantwell says he has essentially gone into hiding until this all blows over. There are still apparently several warrants out for his arrest, and he says he’s now working with a lawyer to try and fix this (it’s actually his second lawyer, as the first one “almost immediately” dropped his case). Legal issues aside, Cantwell says that “literally millions of people” want to kill him, and he “can no longer sort through all the hate and violence to find worthwhile messages” on his phone, so he’s going off the grid. He adds that he has “no interest in violence or lawbreaking”—despite what he said in the Vice documentary—so he hopes that anyone who wants to contact him does it through the lawyer instead of by “harassing innocent people or wasting taxpayer resources.”


Essentially, it’s a bit of tiresome whining that we’ve all heard before from people like Donald Trump and Alex Jones: Everybody’s corrupt and out to get this guy because he’s the only rogue genius who dares to speak the truth. As soon as he has to stick up for himself, though, he lashes out or immediately backs down.

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