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Dan Harmon and FX to develop a “Thomas The Tank Engine for adults”

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dan Harmon has already created two TV shows with fiercely loyal cult followings—Community and Rick And Morty—and judging by the sound of his next project he might be headed for a third. Deadline reports he and his Starburns Industries company are producing Happy City, a vehicles-as-people series written by Jon Eidson and Nick Smith of Extremely Decent.

In the spirit of children’s shows like Thomas & Friends and Theodore Tugboat, the half-hour comedy will use models with animated faces to “comedically explore adult themes such as broken relationships, workplace struggles, and existential crises.” That means the vehicles in question—a taxi named Tyler and his firetruck and helicopter best friends—will literally “navigate their way through life in the big city.” In addition to writing, Eidson and Smith will also serve as co-executive producers on the show. No word on what Harmon’s level of creative input might be, but you have to think he has at least a few ideas.


Regardless, if you’ve ever wanted to see Thomas The Tank Engine get high, have unprotected sex, and show up to work hung over, there’s a good chance this show will satisfy those perfectly normal desires.

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