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Danny Pudi says "people are talking" about a Community movie

(Photo: Getty Images, Nicholas Hunt)

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about some highlights from his career, Danny Pudi mentioned that there’s still some hope that the long-teased Community movie might actually happen someday. Pudi says that actually making the movie is “the last part of it”—referring to the #SixSeasonsAndAMovie campaign to keep the show alive—and not only is he “hopeful” that they’ll do it, but he thinks “people are actually talking about it.” He doesn’t say who these people are, so he could just be referring to nobodies who don’t have the power to make movies based on low-rated TV shows, but at the very least he suggests that it’s not an impossibility.

That being said, Pudi does note that “there is an appetite” for a Community movie now, but he adds, “I don’t know if there will be in 10 years.” He’s probably right, since the diehard Community fans who fought to support the show and suffered through Yahoo’s terrible video streaming service for it will eventually move on to other TV obsessions.


Here’s Danny Pudi sharing some of his favorite Polish words with The A.V. Club:

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