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David Harbour’s Stranger Things character, Jim Hopper, might occasionally struggle to keep his promises, but the actor himself is apparently a man of his word. So when a California teenager asked him last year how many retweets she’d need to get him to take her high school senior photos with her—and then managed to collect the assigned number (with a little assist from Harbour’s co-star, Noah Schnapp)—he dutifully acceded to her request.


Still, the recent Critics’ Choice Award-winning actor did lay down a few conditions for his appearance, which the Orestimba High student—who goes by @postydamaris on Twitter—seemed perfectly happy to comply with:

As you can see, it was a pretty successful shoot. Damaris even rated Habour’s skill on the trombone:


(Fingers crossed that this latest revealed skill makes its way into Hellboy, or maybe the next season of Stranger Things.)

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