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David Harbour would like you to text him (but not just about Stranger Things)

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If you’re feeling a little lonely and are desperate for some human connection in these dark times, you should probably know that you’re not alone. We’re here for you, if you want to go down in the comments or whatever, but more importantly, TV’s David Harbour is also here for you. He recently posted a video on Instagram calling for anyone and everyone to text him with details of who they are and what they’re up to, and then… he’ll figure out what to do from there. The one catch is that he’d like something with a little more substance than “I love Stranger Things” (but you should presumably feel free to say “I love Hellboy”). As the post explains, he lacks the “wherewithal, resources, or drive” to exploit anyone, but he thinks maybe if he hears from enough people whose talents and interests align, maybe he can get people together (virtually) and do something. Here’s let’s just let him explain it:


Naturally, we texted him to see what would happen, throwing in a friendly “How’s it going?” just in case Harbour wanted to be our friend, and we even wisely cut a joke about how “Things sure are Strange now” because we didn’t know if it would really play in the text message format. Unfortunately, it turns out that Harbour isn’t just giving out his real phone number. When you send your jovial greeting to Sheriff Hopper, no matter how jovially you ask him how it’s going, you’ll immediately get a link to a website and then an automatic response from Harbour explaining that he wants you to sign up for a website called Community (six seasons and a website) that’s all about creating a verified platform where celebrities can text people.

It’s a little disappointing, because we really thought this would be the beginning of a lifelong friendship with David Harbour, but apparently the amount of work we’re willing to put in to make that happen stops at giving our name and phone number to some website. Is that why we don’t have more friends? Should we be more willing to share our personal information? How about this, here’s our phone number: 1-917-540-5294. Text us with anything you’d like to say, especially if you want to talk about Stranger Things.

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