Last month, Netflix released its first teaser for the upcoming Marvel series Jessica Jones—and it really was just a tease. It didn’t even have Jessica Jones in it. Then Netflix introduced Krysten Ritter as the eponymous superhero-turned-detective in the first teaser to have more than just ambient music and impressionistic visuals, followed by another teaser introducing Jessica’s musical tastes. Now, Netflix has released another teaser that features Ritter as well as the voice and face of David Tennant, who will play the villainous Purple Man in the series. As Jessica Jones adds to her corkboard of clues—a mandatory activity for all detectives—the images slowly shapeshift to reveal the Purple Man’s face. (It could give the Homeland wall a run for its money.) “I know your secrets. I know about your friends, about your gifts,” the Purple Man taunts Jessica during her 2:23 a.m. corkboard update.

Jessica Jones will also feature Carrie-Anne Moss as an ally to Jessica, Rachael Taylor as Hellcat, and The Good Wife’s Mike Colter as Luke Cage.


Jessica Jones will premiere on Netflix on November 20, 2015.