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Diddy Defines Presidential

This week Barack Obama became president-elect, and Diddy (aka D. Puffelbag) celebrated his continued ability to age with bombastic displays of ridiculousness. These truly are magical times for America.

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From The NY Daily News:

Rapper/mogul Diddy celebrated his 39th birthday with a fete at NYC hot spot Mansion on Wednesday, along with celeb pals including Mary J. Blige and Ben Stiller, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Common and Keyshia Cole.

Giddy over Obama's victory, Diddy enforced a "presidential attire" dress code so strictly that more than 60 guests were turned away. (Among them was a member of Jay's entourage, who griped, "Diddy's no President!")


Three things:

1. Shouldn't Diddy be at least 45 by now?

2. Was Mase invited?

3. It says a lot about your life when the sole voice of reason in it is a nameless, faceless member of the group of dudes who follow Jay-Z around for a living.

Diddy's enthusiasm for Obama, and by extension the presidency itself, is almost endearing–like when a little boy sees a firefighter and then wants to wear a toy fire helmet. Except Diddy's almost 40, and he wants everyone to pretend that his toy fire helmet is real. Based on the above article, here's what Diddy thinks "presidential" means:

—paisley-print tuxedo

—carrying around a bottle of pricey champagne in case photographers are nearby

—giant diamond pinky ring

—Super-VIP to the extreme

—Basically, whatever President Diddy says it means.

If Diddy ever came face-to-face with Tyra Banks, they'd have to meet on the 50-yard line of an open-air football stadium in order to have enough room for their many giant self-delusions.

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