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Disney Channel summons a Hocus Pocus remake

(Screenshot: Hocus Pocus)

Though the spellbook is definitely closed on Hocus Pocus 2, Disney isn’t about to miss the chance to scare up some more money from the 1993 horror-comedy. According to Deadline, the Disney Channel is remaking Kenny Ortega’s film, which starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najiimy as a trio of witches who rather hilariously kept themselves young by absorbing the life force of kids. It’s not the sequel fans have been clamoring for and pestering Midler about on Facebook, but it’ll have to do. And they can also re-watch the original when it starts making the rounds ahead of Halloween, which, come to think of it, would probably infuriate the Sanderson sisters, who objected to the commercialization of Samhain.

Anyway, The Royals’ Scarlett Lacey has been tapped to write the teleplay for the remake, with David Kirschner returning to produce the film. Mick Garris, who co-wrote the original with Neil Cuthbert, recently talked up a Hocus Pocus TV project, though it’s unclear if this is the result of that chatter. But this is the latest beloved film to get the TV treatment from the Disney Channel—last year, the House Of Mouse rebooted Adventures In Babysitting.


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