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Dixie Chicks quietly delay long-awaited new album

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Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

According to Variety, representatives working for the Dixie Chicks have released a statement saying the group’s long-awaited new album, Gaslighter, has been postponed from its original May 1 release date. No reason was given for the delay and no new date was shared, but the statement promised that “additional details are forthcoming.” This is supposed to be the first Dixie Chicks album in 14 years and will presumably be the vanguard of a new comeback (now that the general public is a little more open to the idea of celebrities publicly criticizing the president, which was still a little controversial in the George W. Bush era when Natalie Maines was excommunicated from the country music community for it), so a delay seems like a pretty big deal.


However, Variety points out that a lot of other big album releases have been pushed back lately, presumably because of the coronavirus (even though an album is one of the things that’s still very easy to buy even in a quarantine), so there might not be anything suspicious going on here. Then again, Natalie Maines has also been critical of Trump, so maybe there’s some massive conspiracy trying to stop the Dixie Chicks from releasing this album. Maybe this is what Bush is doing with his free time during the pandemic? Alright, there’s definitely not a massive conspiracy suppressing new Dixie Chicks music, we’re just joking around, but what if there is? Ooooh! (There’s not.)

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