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Don't "Honey" Me, Honey Yourself!

I haven't seen The View in months, but this morning I tuned in and, as luck would have it, caught what is the Daytime TV equivalent of the apocalypse: a crazy, shouting bitchfest, followed by a live, on-camera walk off.

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Since there are no clips online yet (when I find one, I'll definitely share), allow me to explain: Sandra Bernhard was the guest, and during her interview, Sandra was talking about how she doesn't understand when women in politics don't fight for the rights of women. So then Barbara Walters says, "Well, what do you think of Laura Bush?" Sandra replies, "I think she's heavily medicated." At which point you could actually see The Young Annoying One's brain explode (it was only a small poof, but still). Young Annoying says, "Well, she advocates for children, blah blah" Sandra interrupts, "Honey, look. First of all.." Only running on brain dust now, Young Annoying says: "Don't honey me! Honey yourself! Laura Bush is a saint and when she treads upon the Earth, flowers instantaneously sprout up from her footfalls, and their beautiful fragrance fills the air and cures cancer, blah blah.." Or something. It was hard to tell exactly what Young Annoying was saying because she was using the O'Reilly method of arguing, and shouting at the top of her lungs, hoping to drown out what Sandra was saying, which was: "Honey this, Honey that, Honey, Honey, Honey, etc," or something very similar. At this point Joy Behar says she's had enough, and walks off the set. Bitchfight continues unabated, with Young Annoying on total O'Reilly autopilot. Then Star Hammerhead shouted over both of them, awkwardly threw it to commercial, and the fight was abruptly cut off. Lessons learned: 1. Young Annoying One has an endless lung capacity when it comes to defending Laura Bush. 2. Telling Sandra Bernhard not to "Honey" you, is like asking the wind not to blow. Did anyone else see this? Update: Here's the clip of the entire segment. Thanks, Glen! [youtube:gwIO-DpLeHE]

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