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Drake's returning to TV (as a producer)

(Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Breaking Degrassi fans’ hearts with a swiftness not seen since his character Jimmy decided to use a friend’s Ritalin prescription to cheat at basketball, R&B star Drake announced today that he was finally returning to his TV roots—but only as a producer. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the “Hotline Bling” singer has just signed on to executive produce a third season of British crime drama Top Boy for Netflix, a decision that seems to have been entirely predicated on the fact that Drake is a big ol’ fan of the show after binging the whole thing on YouTube.

The new season of the series—which last aired new episodes in 2013— will see stars Ashley Walters and Kane “Kano” Robinson, who played friends-turned-rivals in the London drug game, return, along with the show’s creative team. For its part, Netflix basically admitted that this whole revival is happening because Drake wanted it to happen, noting that his passion for the series “drove its resurrection.”


Anyway, you heard it here first, Firefly or Hannibal fans: You want your beloved shows back, get some DVDs in Drake’s hands, stat.

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