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Drew Barrymore to release book of hearts and things that look like hearts

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Adding to a résumé that already includes acting, modeling, and filmmaking, Drew Barrymore will soon release her first book of photography, a devastating look at the staggering loss of human life in war-torn Syria a collection of pictures of hearts, as well as things that are shaped like hearts. Barrymore’s Find It In Everything, due January 14 via publisher Little, Brown And Company, represents more than 10 years of photos that Barrymore has taken of hearts and things that look like hearts, finally assembling them into one book that has Drew Barrymore’s name on it, as well as a few Barrymore-written captions about hearts and how much they mean to her. Which, according to the press release, is a lot:

“I have always loved hearts,” Barrymore said in a press release. “The way that one continuous line accomplishes the most extraordinary thing — it conveys love. Hearts are my beacons. I love them man-made and natural, young and old. Whenever and wherever I see the heart shape, a smile spreads across my face. The heart has an unbeatable romance when you discover one where you least expect it.”


Drew Barrymore loves hearts. She loves man-made hearts, crafted from titanium and plastic and powered by pneumatic pumps….and love. She loves natural hearts, all covered in super cute fibrous pericardium. She loves young hearts, ripped still fluttering from the chests of babies. She loves old hearts, faltering and weak and requiring adorable angioplasties. Whenever she sees the heart shape—whether it’s in “a discarded straw wrapper, a hole in a T-shirt, a scallion in a bowl of miso soup,” the flared ass of a baboon, an exposed chest cavity torn open by rib-spreaders, or just the heart that she just doodled on top of another heart—Drew Barrymore can’t help but smile.

Then, looking in the mirror, Drew Barrymore notices her smile looks like a heart. She reaches out for the heart. Gimme that heart, she thinks. But suddenly she sees someone’s ugly hand-shaped hand reaching out, trying to take her heart. And just as suddenly, the heart disappears. And that’s when Drew Barrymore feels lost, searching vainly for the nearest heart beacon.

Fortunately, Drew Barrymore now has an entire book of hearts, for just this sort of situation. She’s now as unbeatable as the romance of the heart.