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Earth’s champions step into the ring in this Electric Warriors #2 exclusive

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Image: DC Comics

The year is 2735, and warriors from different planets are putting their lives on the line to fight in a cosmic gladiator arena in hopes of avoiding intergalactic war. Written by Steve Orlando with art by Travel Foreman and colorist Hi-Fi, Electric Warriors is a six-issue miniseries exploring the future Dark Ages of the DC Universe in the years following the Great Disaster of Jack Kirby’s Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth. It’s a title that takes advantage of Orlando’s deep knowledge of DC mythology as well as the thrilling action storytelling he honed on Midnighter, putting a cast of alien characters in the middle of a brutal free-for-all with serious consequences for the people these warriors represent. The tension between the downtrodden humans and mutated animals of Earth results in two champions being sent from the feuding camps, but these fighters will have to look past their differences if they want to survive in battle and save their planet.


This exclusive preview of this week’s Electric Warriors #2 introduces Earth’s champions, human Ian Navarro and octopus Kana, to Crown City, breaking down their powers for the wealthy Gilded who place bets on their lives. One of the most exciting things about this series is seeing Foreman’s designs for alien characters and environments, experimenting with silhouettes, proportions, and graphic design elements to emphasize how these warriors differ from one another. Hi-Fi’s airbrushed rendering adds texture to the linework, and these pages show how the coloring distinguishes between the shining spectacle of the arena and the dilapidated barracks that house the Electric Warriors. Small moments like Serene drinking a glass of toxic bomb water spotlight how this creative team uses the futuristic, otherworldly setting to reinforce the power of the fighters in clever ways, and that power is amplified dramatically when they face off against each other later in the issue.

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