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Emilia Clarke tells people freaking out about Game Of Thrones nudity to grow the fuck up

(Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO)

Hey there folks, have you heard about this “hot” new program on the Home Box Office, The Game Of Thrones? It’s got dragons, it’s got swords, and, heck, it’s even got some of that nudity the kids are raving about these days, with butts and everything!

This bit of gee-whiz-who’d-a-thunk-it-ness is brought to you by a recent Harper’s Bazaar interview with Thrones star Emilia Clarke, who expressed her annoyance at the idea that people are still apparently boggled by the fact that people get naked on the breakout HBO show, six years after it first premiered. Not just because, no shit, people get naked on Game Of Thrones—it’s practically a series tagline—but because it downplays the importance of sexuality and nudity in contemporary art..


“I’m starting to get really annoyed about this stuff now because people say, ‘Oh, yeah, all the porn sites went down when Game of Thrones came back on,’” Clarke said in the interview, noting that pornography on the internet appears to be alive and well despite her show’s existence. “I’m like, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale?’ I fucking love that show, and I cried when it ended because I couldn’t handle not seeing it. That is all sex and nudity. There are so many shows centered around this very true fact that people reproduce. People fuck for pleasure—it’s part of life.” You heard the Khaleesi, people: fucking knock it the fuck off with all this squeamishness about fucking.

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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