Emoji game show to test players on their ability to understand emotions

Everybody loves to to tweet and text with emoji, but does anyone really understand what those little cartoons mean? Yes, or else they would be useless, but a new game show on GSN is really going to put people’s emoji comprehension abilities to the test. Titled Emogenius, a press release says it’s a “half-hour comedic game show based on communication,” and it involves two pairs of contestants trying to solve emoji-based clues that are essentially rebus puzzles.

The show is hosted by a guy whose real name is apparently Hunter March, with the aforementioned press release noting that the 26-year-old is the youngest (“non-kids’”) game show host in TV history. He’s also a host for AwesomenessTV and “one of the leading producers/creators in online media,” so it’s your fault if you don’t know who he is. By the way, Emogenius is not to be confused with Emo Genius, the website where you look up the lyrics to Brand New’s “Seventy Times 7.”

The show will premiere on June 7, and you can see a preview clip below.

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