Photo: Joshua Lott/ Getty Images

Considering we have a draft-dodger as president, it’s nice to see that at least once upon a time we elected someone who actually shows up for shit. After being summoned, Barack Obama showed up like any other human for jury duty yesterday, his cheery demeanor and amiable presence making the whole thing suck a lot less for those in attendance.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Obama followed the process the same as all the 168 other potential jurors who showed up to Chicago’s Daley Center. “He watched a 20-minute instructional video,” they write. “He placed a red juror sticker on his chest. And he’ll receive a $17.20 check in the mail for his time.” But alas, he was not chosen.


Presidents being selected for jury duty isn’t anything all that new. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton both went through the process, too. But the fact that this all occurred on the one-year anniversary of the 2016 election gave the whole thing some added resonance. He talked basketball, signed a book, and turned down a selfie without sounding like a dick about it. See it unfold below.

Below, see some more videos, tweets, and reactions to Obama’s day among us plebes.