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Enjoy this brief supercut of a guy asking all his friends who’s playing in the Super Bowl

Some butthead
Some butthead
Photo: Icon Sportswire / Contributor (Getty Images)

You probably think this is an “ah, yes, sport” kind of post. It’s not. If you love football, we are very happy for you. Some of us do. Some of us don’t care. Some of us can’t get past all the terrible shit, and are really only ever in it for the halftime show, if that. We contain multitudes. And we, too, have huge respect for owls.

But regardless, we are very charmed by this little video, in which a gentleman quizzes his friends as to the identities of the two teams playing in the major sporting event occurring... this weekend? It’s this weekend, right?


Would these fine people know who was playing in the Superb Owl in another year? Perhaps. Several of them, at least, seem to know that Ugg enthusiast Thomas Brady is playing. But it all seems pretty muted this year, no? Sure, we’re still going to drown in expensive and probably embarrassing celebrity-centric commercials over the next week or so, plus a few extremely earnest tear-jerking attempts from brands that are, just a reminder, not your friends. Let’s just hope that we have no additional baby nuts forced upon our notice.

Actually, while we’re at it, let’s list some more hopes. Hope one: That the football persons institute the following policy change, as suggested by one respondent to the above tweet:

Love a good Ruveal. Would love it even more if the players tore off their wigs to reveal other wigs. Some other hopes:

  • That Tom Brady never, ever again remembers to bring chapstick on a long flight
  • That Tom Brady always has an itchy label on the inside of the waistband of his pants that he never remembers to cut out
  • That every time Tom Brady reads a murder mystery, someone spoils the ending for him
  • That Tom Brady’s shoelaces never stay tied until he double-knots them
  • That Tom Brady’s favorite scented candles give him a teeny tiny headache
  • That every pair of Tom Brady’s Uggs start to develop a bit of a smell and he thinks no one else can smell it but they totally can

Happy Superb Owl, whenever it may occur!

Editor’s Note: After publishing this story, we discovered the relevant tweet was sent by the boyfriend of one of our staffers. Our writer did not know this upon publishing. The Tom Brady commentary stands. 


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