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Everybody hates Glee’s Ryan Murphy, especially Dave Grohl

Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow’s appearance put frustrations over the top, or perhaps between Glee and Rock Of Ages, some folks hit their saturation point for Broadway-style interpretations of hard-riffing classics. But Foo Fighters commander-in-chief Dave Grohl has joined Slash and Kings Of Leon in rebelling against Ryan Murphy, creator of FOX’s musical-comedy phenomenon.

MTV reports that in a recent Hollywood Reporter Q & A, the ex-Nirvana/sometime Them Crooked Vultures drummer protests:

You shouldn't have to do fucking Glee…. The guy is so offended that we're not, like, begging to be on his fucking show. Fuck that guy for thinking anybody and everybody should want to do Glee. … I watched 10 minutes. It's not my thing.


And in case Grohl hadn’t made himself clear, Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins chimed in, making sure it’s very clear that “it's just like, ‘Dude, maybe not everyone loves Glee, me included’…. Yeah, fuck that shit."

Readers can draw their own conclusions about who’s easier to side with: a megalomaniacal show-runner or seriously duding-out rock musicians. Either way, hopefully Grohl didn’t catch American Idol hopeful Casey Abrams’ horrifying rendition of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”