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Ex-DJ pays Taylor Swift for groping her, is kind of a dick about it

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Ensuring that there’s really no part of this story where he doesn’t come off as some species of skeezy dick, former DJ David Mueller says he’s now mailed Taylor Swift the $1 he owed her—but possibly with an optional, obnoxious twist. Said debt came about as part of damages Swift demanded from him earlier this year, after winning a counter-suit for sexual harassment in response to Mueller’s own $3 million claim that Swift got him fired from his DJ job by accusing him of touching her butt during a photo op several years ago.

Mueller has previously said he intended to match Swift’s symbolic $1 demand with one of his own, by sending her the money in the form of a Sacagawea dollar coin, mocking the idea that Swift’s win over him represents a victory for women over touchy-feely DJs everywhere. It’s not clear if Mueller actually followed through with the gesture; either way, he should probably stay away from the controversial cover of this week’s copy of Time, lest the sight of Swift being heralded as a “silence breaker” among other prominent whistleblowers for publicly calling him out on his bullshit cause his head to explode.


[via The Associated Press]

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