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Watch Daniel Day-Lewis disappear into his role as a shredded guy eating a huge burrito

Photo: Jason Merritt (Getty Images)

Daniel Day-Lewis’ work as an actor, though limited to a relatively small number of films, is worthy of examination. His ability to transform himself and embody the emotions of his characters is unparalleled. His commitment to the method acting technique makes him a bit of an anomaly in the current Hollywood landscape. Plus, there’s that whole thing where he can eat a 9-pound burrito and still have a super ripped bod. Wait. That last one may not be about Daniel Day-Lewis. Let’s see what the experts say:


Well, according to this tweet from Esquirewhich was definitely not the result of some social media mixup—the thing that makes Daniel Day-Lewis’ performances so incredible is his ability to consume 4,000 calories of junk food everyday. What’s more, Day-Lewis apparently accomplishes this amazing feat without ever putting on a shirt, but inexplicably always wearing a bow tie. Esquire shared this interesting behind-the-scenes info Monday night, forcing everyone on Twitter to simply sit back in awe of Daniel Day-Lewis’ immense talent.


Eventually, someone on Esquire’s social team owned up to the mistake while simultaneously admitting it is “way too funny to delete.”


We applaud Esquire for sticking to their journalistic guns. It’s important that people know the truth about Daniel Day-Lewis eating giant tacos, platters full of hotdogs, and massive, disgusting bowls of macaroni and cheese. Perhaps, through his commitment to his art, we can learn a little bit about ourselves. And get six-pack abs while we’re at it!

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