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Facebook shuts down page seemingly dedicated to harassing R. Kelly accusers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As reported by TMZ (via The Hollywood Reporter), a page called “Surviving Lies” popped up on Facebook recently that was dedicated to discrediting the women who have accused R. Kelly of sexual abuse. It event went as far as directly attacking the accusers by name, sharing details from one woman’s arrest record, and accusing two women—via an unsubstantiated recording—of plotting together to extort R. Kelly. This comes as TMZ learned that people on R. Kelly’s team were planning on making a pro-Kelly website called “survivinglies.com,” implying that R. Kelly’s people are the ones behind the Facebook page.

Whoever made it, the page was obviously a response to Lifetime’s devastating documentary series Surviving R. Kelly, with the explicit goal of reframing R. Kelly as the real victim. This evening, as news about the page began to spread, Facebook stepped in and shut it down. TMZ says that it heard from a Facebook rep that the page “violated our community standards and has been removed.” TMZ believes that the specific post that did it was an image of an alleged text message conversation between Kelly and one of his accusers.