Yesterday, the Daily News reported a rumor that Sienna Miller (aka Leotard In Public) and Hayden Christensen (guy who possibly, at one time, dated Leotard In Public) had actual sex, as opposed to simulated actual sex, while filming a love scene for Factory Girl. Today, to counter that story, The NY Post reported a rumor that Sienna Miller is a really good actress. Both rumors are probably false. But just to be sure, I've compared video of the allegedly real sex scene from Factory Girl, to a video whose authenticity cannot be denied: A commercial for The Punany Poets, a group featured on the most horrific episode ever of HBO's Real Sex. Here's a link to the Factory Girl scene. And here's the commercial for the Punany Poets. (Please be advised that once you see these videos, you cannot, no matter how many times you flush your eyes with water or corrosive chemicals, unsee them. Also, you'll probably say "Eww" out loud.)

So, there you have it. Fake real sex involves a Bob Dylan look-alike and an Edie Sedgwick look-alike, as well as a roaring fire and soft music. While Real Sex involves a woman in a fedora, cringeworthy slam poetry, some kind of whispery techno, a bunch of enthusiastic "dancers," and a public service announcement about saying no to welfare. Hope that helps!