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Be My Baby

1h 26m


Julia Duffy (Doris)René Ashton (Rylee)Casey Strand (Cindi)Tara Mercurio (Melissa)Brody Hutzler (Jason)Cris Judd (Brad)Bob Glouberman (Tadd)Cheryl Kloner (Homeless Woman)Janora McDuffie (Amy)Lacey Chabert (Tiffany)Samantha Vande Vegte (Samantha)Sue Nelson (Danette)Rafael O. Calderón (Lance the Valet)Dudley Beene (Snooty Waiter)Josie Davis (Linda)Victoria Vande Vegte (Victoria)Michael Dutra (Cocky Guy)Danny Del Toro (Enrique)


Bryce Olson



Hunky divorce lawyer Jason Maxwell Davenport is frowned upon by colleagues because he often advices clients to reconsider filing and seek therapy or just patch up their marriage. He's puzzled when becoming the latest victim of Rylee, a bitter bachelor he picked up but was dumped by on their first night after she found a wedding ring in his wallet. She assumes him another adulterer, whom she can blackmail by pretending he sired 'her' child, actual a baby she picks up from her loose ma Doris's daycare center. Jason and his buddy would be-womanizer Brad, who also recruits an actress, find out and try to turn the tables on her. Rylee and her friend, an unemployed actress with no more ethics, keep pushing their bluff.