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Jio Pagla

2h 34m


Sanjay Biswas (Taxi Driver)Soham Chakraborty (Rajsaunkar Dhol)Biswajit ChakrabortyShankar ChakrabortyHiran Chatterjee (Ananda)Srabanti Chatterjee (Priya)Candy Das (Lila)Supriyo Dutta (Khagen Mal)Randy Kalsi (Randheer)Koushani Mukherjee (Monalisa)Masud RanaAnuradha RoyPayel Sarkar (Nandita)Rittika Sen (Sashikala)Bonny Sengupta (Sujoy)Jisshu Sengupta (Ananta)


Rabi Kinagi



Ananta, Sujoy, Ananda and Rajasaunkar Dhol who were very close friends from childhood. Ananta, a fashion photographer lived in a rented house, which is owned by Khagen Mal. His three friends lived at their native place. Ananda has to come to Kolkata and live with Ananda for his job at Kolkata. After that, Sujoy came to Kolkata for interview for the Dance Paglu Dance and Rajsaunkar came to Kolkata being chased from his work in theaters. In a dramatic turn of events, all the friends are forced to live together at Ananta's rented home. One day Khogen catches them red-handed doing mischief with his third wife, Tola Boudi and forces them to vacate the house. After a lot of searching they found a home where they could at least live but they needed family. So they decided that Ananda and Dhol have to pretend to be Sujoy's and Ananta's wife. Gradually they everyone got their girlfriends, found their girlfriends having relation to the members of the same house and by some turn of events they all got to know everything. But Nepal Khan, the leader Nepal Khan bn Complex, associating with Khagen Mal, kidnapped them and threatened the family members to sign, for that he could complete his building project. The team of four friends reached there and fought with them and while fighting all makeups were removed and the family members also got to know about it. After all of the wining, they apologized to them and the family happily forgived them and appreciated them.