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Follow The Logic Of Disaster Movie

At first glance, this poster for the upcoming Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer fart-writing opus Disaster Movie makes absolutely no sense.

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But upon closer inspection, the poster is so nonsensical, so aggressively illogical, so incredibly stupid that it's actually kind of genius. With its mish-mosh of incongruous elements—the Earth cookie, the Simpsons Movie poster echo, the cursing of Mother Nature—obviously Friedberg and Seltzer are making a comment here about the randomness of the universe, in addition to a comment about The Simpsons Movie. See, to them, The Simpsons Movie is the ultimate disaster movie: clearly, Homer represents all of humanity, and the donuts that he eats are the Earth's resources, a sugary sweet treat that he gobbles up with abundant gusto. What movie could be more ripe for parody?

Well, either that, or the marketing guy for Disaster Movie thought to himself, "The Simpsons Movie was a really popular comedy last year. We should just make our poster look like that poster." Then he passed it along to Friedberg and Seltzer for notes, and the guys had a whirlwind brainstorming session: "We should make the donut into a cookie," Friedberg offered. "Oooh Oooh. A cookie that's a globe. Like the Earth," Seltzer paused for a moment, chuckling at the picture he was painting in his mind, "But with a bite taken out of it! Like..ha..someone…hahaha…took a bite of..hahahaha..the planet!" Friedberg spit out the water that he always holds in a special pocket in his cheek just in case the brainstorming session calls for a spit-take (and it always does), "Ha! I get it! Cause the Earth is always in disaster movies! This is our best parody yet."

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