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Wolverine’s body is gone, and heroes around the Marvel Universe have teamed up to find it in the Hunt For Wolverine miniseries. The best of these four books is Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda, written by Tom Taylor with art by R.B. Silva, inker Adriano Di Benedetto, and colorist Guru-eFX. Tom Taylor’s run on All-New Wolverine was a phenomenal evolution of Laura Kinney’s character that explored the complicated history surrounding the Wolverine name, and his current work on X-Men Red—one of The A.V. Club’s Best Comics of 2018—has given the X-franchise its first must-read flagship title in years. He has a talent for writing superhero ensembles, and this series gives him a new group to work with as Iron Man, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Spider-Man search for their former Avengers teammate.


This exclusive preview of next week’s Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda #3 introduces a new superhero player to this squad as Laura Kinney enters the fray to slice through Mr. Sinister and his lackeys as Wolverine before she switches back to her X-23 identity in a new series debuting next week. The preview opens with a recurring flashback, featuring a very clever coloring trick as Guru-eFX covers the page in a layer of dots that evoke the look of a low-quality scan of a comic from the mid-’00s. Silva and Di Benedetto’s artwork shares a lot of similarities with the work of Stuart Immonen and Wade Von Grawbadger—who worked together on the Avengers stories this miniseries is calling back to—and their slick, dynamic line work brings a lot of energy and personality to Taylor’s scripts. This book highlights a period in Wolverine’s life when he took a more prominent role in the Marvel Universe, and this creative team captures the spirit of that past era while also showcasing how these characters have changed since then.

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