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Fox News contributor casually claims that the FBI may have planned to kill Donald Trump

(Photo: Getty Images, Mark Wilson)

Fox News contributors are sort of like human clickbait, with their careers entirely dependent on their ability to regularly get everybody’s attention with hot scoops on Democrat lies or some new way that foreign people are planning to destroy America. Radio host and Fox News talking head Kevin Jackson tends to do this by pushing conspiracy theories, playing into the average Fox News viewer’s insecurities and anxieties in order to convince them to keep watching the network and listening to its bullshit.

Today, Jackson appeared on Fox News’ Outnumbered to talk about the FBI and some (most likely) overblown controversy about someone connected to the FBI who didn’t want Trump to win the election. Jackson took that as an opportunity to quickly and casually suggest that former FBI director James Comey was so devoted to helping Hillary Clinton that he may have instructed the FBI to try and assassinate Donald Trump. Naturally, he offered this shocking claim with the confidence of someone saying that the sky is blue, even though he had no evidence to support it.


To the other hosts’ credit, they all reacted with appropriate shock and even tried to help Jackson walk back his claim, noting that “no one has floated any sort of an idea” that the FBI wanted to assassinate Trump, but he wouldn’t take it. “Oh, it’s been floated,” he said. “When I talk about this, I’m talking about social media stuff and, you know, that’s out there.” Essentially, then, it seems like he was reporting random crap he saw on Twitter as if it were legitimate information, which is probably where Fox News gets a lot of its scoops.

Here’s a video of the exchange via Media Matters:

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