Photo: Sergei Bachlakov (Fox)

People who watch Fox in the summer are going to have to find a new twisty mystery show to watch, as TVLine is reporting that a “network insider” has admitted that it’s “unlikely” that Wayward Pines will be getting a third season. Of course, dedicated Wayward Pines fans probably found a new twisty mystery show already, as the finale of the show’s second season aired way back in 2016. TVLine says that Fox president David Madden indicated over the summer that executive producer M. Night Shyamalan had some ideas for a third season and that the network was still deciding what to do with the show, but at this point it would probably just be easier for Fox if we all forgot Wayward Pines was ever a thing. Then it would never have to go through the trouble of issuing a press release or calling up Shyamalan to actually tell people the show was ending. He’s busy making his superhero movie now anyway.