(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Given how many bad apples have dropped off the Trump tree over the last 10 months, it’s kind of shocking that not one of them has landed at Fox News, a network always looking to bulk up the production capacity on its personal bad take machine. Until now, anyway; according to The Hollywood Reporter, the cable news network has finally scored its very own former Trump adviser, with news that Seb Gorka—who was fired from the Trump White House shortly after the departure of his old Breitbart News boss, Steve Bannon—would be joining the network’s crack team of analysts.

And just in case you were worried that Gorka’s time out of the limelight might have mellowed his Islamophobic, “Make America Great Again” aspirations back to some basic variant on “human,” rest assured that he absolutely used the “phrase” “#FAKENEWSindustrialComplex” in the e-mail announcing his addition to the network as its newest national security strategist. Sean Hannity, a frequent Gorka champion who’s frequently featured him on his TV show, broke the news on his radio show today.