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Frank Ocean releases surprise cover of "Moon River" for his huckleberry friends

(Photo: Getty Images, Jason Merritt)

Way back in November, we reported that Frank Ocean seemed to be teasing some new music, implying in a jokey Tumblr post that he was sitting on a new album that he hadn’t gotten around to releasing just yet. Ocean still hasn’t dropped a new album, but late last night he did put a surprise new release up on his YouTube page. Rather than a whole collection of new songs, though, it’s just one moody cover of classic ballad “Moon River.”

The track’s YouTube page doesn’t offer any additional details about what prompted this, or if it’s another potential tease for more music coming in the future, but you don’t really need an excuse to put out a lovely little tune like this. That being said, let’s get that new album going, Frank Ocean.


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